Software developer. Game developer. Junior AI researcher at
Russian State University of Oil and Gas.

Recent projects


Stress measurement with Microsoft Kinect

Approach to estimate a human stress level using Microsoft Kinect.

Cognitive and psychological testing

Web-based pltaform for conducting remote experiments for measuring different psychological and cognitive characteristics.



Implementation of AI search alghoritms based on the book "Artificial Intelligence Modern Approach" by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig


Cortex — toolkit for processing signal-based realtime data. Proof of concept.


Multiuser web file manager, which was created using Django python framework. Currently In development.

Network-based knowledge database

Self-hosted web service for storing notes files and links in graph-like structure. Proof of concept.

Web-service «ХочуПоступить.рф» (“I want to join...”)

Web social service for higher education enrollees in Russia.

Offline Website Viewer

Offline website viewer. Can open zip archives. CSS and JS support. Local pages searching. Alternative for ZIM and Kiwix.


Guy's Dungeon

Multiplayer dungeon runner/arena game for PC. In development.

Robot Adventures

Educationail game which designed to help children understand programming.

Generation Ship

Decision-adventure about Engineer#34 who is stuck in the malfuctioning ship in open space.

Lighthouse Mystery

First-person puzzle game with strange gravity made in 72 hours.

Recent blog entries

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